There are so many bitcoin faucets out there, however just as all of us, they were not made equal. So that is the reason why I thought of sharing with you the list of top 5 bitcoin faucets, which I personally love and use.

I have to say that bitcoin faucets market is never still, so I won’t say that my list is complete. However chances are you won’t find these faucets useless.

1. 99 Bitcoins

99 bitcoins does not only give you the highest payouts available (at least based on what I’ve seen), but you also get a lot of bonuses – like seniority and a very nice referral commission if you decide to invite more users. It’s simply the most trustworthy and easy to use faucet in the top of the ladder.







2. Bonus Bitcoin

This one is not just one faucet, but a collection of something like 10+ different faucets. Many bitcoin faucets make you pause for a period of time before you can claim new satoshis. However on Bonus Bitcoin, before you are allowed to claim again, you can just decide to claim satoshis from a new faucet! This is a great idea – so some people are known to earn huge amount of bitcoins every hour. Which makes this faucet portal truly one of the highest paying ones.





3. Robot Coin

It’s a bit difficult to say correctly if Robot Coin should be classified as a high or mid paying faucet. But that is because your end result depends on how well you are with playing robot destruction games. As you move in the ranks, you will get tougher robots to fight with. And if you succeed in beating the hardest robot, then BEHOLD – as you will be paid 1 million satoshi. Yes, I’m not joking you – 1 million satoshi as the head prize!




4. Bitcoinker

This one has a simple formula – payouts are actually quite high, referrals are well paid and just as with 99bitcoins, you get very generous seniority bonuses if you keep on using this faucet. Why not become a user of this faucet?





5. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a really popular faucet and has been around for quite some time. The formula is again simple – inbetween the ads you see the faucet through which you are able to earn as much as literally 1,000s satoshis per each hour. This is not small money if you do this regularly. 🙂 But better yet, it’s your choice to decide when would you like to be paid out. That means you don’t depend on when the faucet admin decide to press ‘pay’ button!





And as a bonus faucet – after (or maybe even before?) you try all those long standing faucets above – why would you give a try to the Golden Faucet? Simply bookmark this site and get back for your free satoshis every half an hour!